Saturday, February 10, 2024

Story Masterclass notes

Day 1

First week of Story telling Masterclass by Matthew Dicks brought to us by Duggup, had some great pointers to tell a story on how to create a frame of story, identifying the map of the story followed by how to identify moments of transformation and how to use the opposite of the end state.

I once was a ________, but then some stuff happened, so now I'm a __________

I once thought ________, but then some stuff happened, so now I think __________

Storytelling is Storytelling is Storytelling and it's for everyone

What constitutes a story

Creating a Frame of your story

Developing a Thesis Statement for your story.

Homework : How did I get to role where I am currently in. Tell it to 3 people.

Day 2 :

Start your story with a location

I am sitting in Portland, Oregon and working from home with my kid asking how did you decide what you want to be

Cinema of Storytelling

- Tell your story in scenes

- The power of location

Scenes are delineated by :

1. Location

2. Time

3. Action

4. Disposition

5. Though

Scenes for my own story:

Location : WFH office sitting at my desk almost exhausted with meetings

Time: Looking towards the end of workday

Kid comes back from School and tells me what he wants to be when he grows up, ends up asking how I knew what I am going to do.

I am teenager looking to beat the summer heat (Crime )

Come across this room with AC

How to Entertain


  • What do you want ?
  • What do you need ?
  • Iceberg on Stakes
  • ET: will ET get home
  • Jaws: Who will be eaten
  • What are you worried about
  • Why are you afraid
  • what must you arrive
  • what must you find
  • When you were surprised, your audience should be surpised. So try to remember when you were surprised
  • The best way to preserve is telling the story moment by moment, beat by beat.
  • Avoid Preambles
  • Verbal detritus to avoid
    • Suddenly
    • Out of the blue
    • From left field
    • Guess what
    • All of a sudden
    • Would you believe it


Bringing together Stakes, Suspense and Surprise

Goal of storytelling is to take a moment from our life and make it unforgettable

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