Friday, December 17, 2021

Interview Attempt

I went into the Interview not knowing what to expect and expecting that with the level of preparation I had I will fail. I was desperate for a failure (surprising right) to know what plays out in a coding interview in US.

To my surprise I was asked few .Net Questions initially: 

- Explain the whole .Net Ecosystem with what's happening with .NetFramework, .Net Standard, .Net Core and .Net 6.0. Why and how we came to a state where we are. 

- What is Boxing and UnBoxing

- Explain the IDisposable pattern, Why can't we use the finalize method instead of implementing the IDisposable patterrn? 

- Have you ever encountered a problem with Memory Leak and what tools did you use to solve it and what was your approach. 

- What is dependency Injection and What are the advantages of that, how can you implement that in a feature.

- How do you keep yourself updated with the latest technology updates and what are your go to resources for the latest developments.

This was followed by a coding round where in I was provided with LeetCode problem number 253:

Definitely I did not do well cause of lack of preparation and did receive an honest feedback from the interviewer, I did not generate enough test data for the coding puzzle, should have solved simpler cases and then moved onto the complicated cases. Also while considering the timing I took DateTime as a input, Interviewer suggested I could have started with the int solved few cases and then moved onto the DateTime.