Monday, June 08, 2009

CodeRush vs Resharper

Was given a task to answer a million dollar question that which is better Code Rush or Resharper. I collected some information and yet to find a judgmental answer for the question. Just sharing the links of people who are Commenting on the same:
Resharper vs Code Rush

1. Scott Hanselman:

2. Ash Tewari:

3. Derik Whittaker:

4. Ian's Blog:

5. .Net Geeks Blog:

6. StackOverflow:

7. David Hayden: Professional Web Developer:

8. MSDN Plugin:

9. CodeRush Xpress for C#:

10. Accidental Technologists:

11. Community for Plugins for Code Rush:

Below is the presentation which I gave to the team on this debatable topic:


  1. Hi Dibyendu,

    Thanks for this interesting comparison.

    A few suggestions/questions:

    1. Slide 6 should also include Refactoring and Consume-first Declarations (to support TDD-style development).

    2. The License Costs slide #8 indicates CodeRush and Refactor! Pro are without full source code. Competing tools also ship without full source code, so this distinction may not be that useful. Speaking of cost, Refactor! Pro can be purchased separately for $99, and there is a *free* CodeRush Xpress for C# and Visual Basic developers working in the latest version of Visual Studio (

    3. On slide 9, Match Starts Here, It seems CodeRush's score of 7 in the refactoring category (compared with ReSharper's 8) may be low. CodeRush includes over 100 more refactorings than ReSharper. And the CodeRush refactorings are executed with the fewest keystrokes possible, which makes them very easy to use. This is rarely the case in competing tools. Was there a refactoring you felt was missing?

    In the Cross Language Support category, CodeRush includes support for C#, VB, C++, Javascript, ASP.NET, and XAML. Has ReSharper added support for refactoring in Javascript and C++? Also, as I recall, JetBrains makes developers pay more for the cross language support feature. Perhaps these scores should be adjusted.

    Also on this page, there is a category "Memory Hog". Does a higher score in this category mean the application consumes more memory? Speaking of memory and performance, have you seen this?

    Again, thanks for publishing these slides. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,

    Mark Miller

  2. Hi Mark

    Thanks for the review and I appreciate the time which you spent on reviewing the ppt. Just wanted to ask you whether your team has any plans for including the support for build scripts and integrated NUnit runner?